Jazz Cabaret at Conley Resort – November 28, 2018

Good afternoon Jazz Cabaret friends,

I mentioned at the August Jazz Cabaret that we were still finalizing plans for our November Jazz Cabaret. The arrangements have been completed. On November 28 we welcome back to our stage the lovely Erin Burkett with a group of musicians that has few peers. The lilting voice of Erin will be accompanied by Virgil Walters on bass, Mike Tomaro on saxophone, and the inimitable one – Max Leake on keyboard. This group is unsurpassed in their musical virtuosity both as a group and as individual talents.

We look forward to seeing all of you there as the Bartletts celebrate a wedding anniversary and a birthday – no numerical on my birthday – but we celebrate 59 years of wedded bliss in November.

Please come join us for an evening of great music and conviviality.

An up-dated announcement will be forthcoming in the near future.

Brooks and Helen Bartlett